Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Cleaning - $100 Visa Gift Card AND Libman Freedom Spray Mop Giveaway

I know this is going to sound very strange, but I actually like spring cleaning.  Do I love the everyday picking up of toys, crumbs and other surprises that my girls leave around?......well, not so much.  But I have to admit that a good deep cleaning around this house feels really good (while it lasts, that is).

Several weeks ago, I mentioned that I cleaned all of my kitchen cabinet fronts with help from my little ladies - Miss Savannah and Miss Matilda.  I just used hot soapy water with one of my favorite cleaning products, Dr. Bronners - all in one cleaner (read more about my love for this product HERE).  I used a good, clean sponge and scrubbed each cabinet, rinsed it down and then dried them off with a micro-fiber towel.  And though no one may notice the huge difference in the cabinets, I can notice and they really look great!

Next, I tackled my dusting.  Again, I used my microfiber cleaning cloths.  I just L.O.V.E. these - what a difference they make.  And what's even better is that you can just throw them in the wash and use them again and again!  Now, I'm not saying my family doesn't use paper towels (we do), but you can go through some serious paper towels when cleaning and that can be rough on the budget and rough on the environment.  A good micro-fiber towel will take you along way in your cleaning.  I have about 3-4 of them and then a special towel used for cleaning glass.

I was asked by Libman to test out their new "Freedom Spray Mop", which was just perfect because mopping the floors was next on my list of spring cleaning "to-do's".  Up until this point I had been using a "Method" brand mop that I purchased at target with a re-usable microfiber cleaning pad.  That mop was really great, but this new Libman mop took things to the next level.

The Libman Spray Mop has a machine washable cleaning pad.  It can be washed up to 50 times which reduces the need to buy those expensive disposable mop pads which is great on the wallet and for the environment.

What I really thought was great was the detachable cleaning solution bottle (this was something my "method" mop did not have).  You can fill this bottle up with any solution you like - maybe you like a more natural approach with just water and vinegar or perhaps you have a "go to" floor mopping solution.......whatever it may be, you can use it with this mop.

There are no batteries needed, you simply squeeze the handle and the solution sprays out of the mop onto the floor - easy peasy!  I am honestly very happy with this spray mop and so happy I was asked to give it a try!

A new product I recently added to my cleaning supplies, is this one........

This is by far one of my new favorite cleaning products - Mrs. Meyers All Purpose Cleaner.  I don't need a ton more cleaning products other than my Dr. Bronners, but I think having great smelling, fun cleaning products makes the job a lot more enjoyable.  And I like changing things up from time to time.

Mrs. Meyers comes in a bunch of great scents (Lemon Verbena, Lavender, Basil, Geranium, and Rosemary) and is great for those of you looking for a more natural cleaning product.  I personally love the Lavender scent.  You use this product a lot like Dr. Bronners.  Just mix a small amount with water and it can be used on floors (like in the Libman Freedom Spray Mop), on countertops, for dusting, ect...

And my final little spring cleaning tip/product, is essential oils.  Again, my personal favorite is Lavender oil.  I particularly love to use this in the bedrooms.  I dab a little of this essential oil on a used dryer sheet and tuck these into baskets or drawers around the house.  They leave the rooms smelling great and add a fresh, spring like quality to the air (without the harsh chemicals of room fresheners).  I've had this little bottle for 2 years now, so while essential oil may seem a little pricey, it will last you forever.

I still have a lot more spring cleaning to get done.  I'm just getting going, but I just wanted to share a few products, tips and ideas that make my life easier and help me to enjoy what could be a not so fun task.

So, tell me.......what is your favorite cleaning tip?

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